Impressing Andulician Villa in Spain

Located in Spain, this luxurious building has been designed by London-based architects MaLean Quinlan and it features an impressive design both in terms of exterior and interior decoration. Probably the most impressive thing, at least at a first glimpse, is the size of this villa. It has seven bedrooms for  family and guests which is more than most houses have. It’s always good to have some extra space for guests.

The 7 bedrooms are located in three pavilions separated by pools of water, gardens and stone terraces. It must be very nice to be able to enjoy privacy in such a large mansion. Since the villa is located in an amazing place with spectacular landscape, it has been a challenge to create a design that would allow the users to have comfort and to also be able to enjoy the incredible views. Another requirement was to create a modern design, typical for the 21st century architecture.

The project has been a success. The villa definitely has an imposing design and is not likely to go unnoticed in that area. It’s not just the exterior that looks impressing but also the interior design that is both functional and very stylish. The elegance is visible is all the rooms of the house and the overall image is amazing. A lot of people might consider this villa as being their dream home. Unfortunately, for the majority it will remain a dream.

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