Il Villino restored farmhouse

Usually I like going and visiting different places and I am really excited about the new sceneries I am about to enjoy and I am like a child getting the favourite toy when it comes to trips. However, after a few days I miss home and I can’t wait to come back. All people are like that because they have the feeling of belonging that draws them back home, but sometimes you can find such a wonderful place that makes you feel like home when you are abroad and far from where you live. This is the dominant feeling when you see this beautiful restored farmhouse called Il Villino, which in Italian means “little villa”.

This villa is very comfortable and luxurious, but it is nothing like the modern and high tech places you would expect. On the contrary, it is an old restored building that looks amazingly well and shows the strong and nice brick walls. When you enter the villa you feel like an ancient Italian landlord who came to check on his lands and fields. The building is situated somewhere near Lake Trasimeno and Chiusi on the Tuscan-Umbrian border, in Italy.

What is amazing about this villa is the fact that it resisted the time passing by and looks amazing, with the look of those villas you could see in the black and white movies. It is surrounded by nature and it suits the beautiful scenery around it perfectly. There have been some essential improvements made to it, inside and outside and I can start with the big and beautiful swimming pool in front of the house that is shaped like a fan and where you can enjoy the clear blue water in these hot summer days.

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Then there’s the nice interior who was decorated so as to keep the traditional look and patina that give the house a special charm, so you can see wooden floors and ceiling beams combined with the beauty of the bricks and the apparently old candelabra. Everything is decorated with impeccable taste and nothing is too much or too little. That is precisely why you feel “at home” there, no matter what your nationality or tastes.



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