Ideal Home in Belmont by Zo 2 Architecture

Most people dream about having an open space house and a spectacular environment at the same time, but not everybody succeeds to make his dream come true. One of the lucky persons is the owner of a dream house located in Belmont-sur-Lausanne, in Switzerland, under the signature zo2 architecture, that kind of home that combines the love for nature with the one for modern, open spaces.

If from outside the building in itself does not have something spectacular, the inside is ecological, stylish, with high ceilings and wide glass windows that maximize the great views of Lake Geneva. The building is a timber construction with ecological standards, huge sliding doors and open terraces, which result in three loft apartments in perfect harmony with the surrounding area, thanks to the use of natural materials.

The interior proves the owners’ love for details and design. The kitchen, for example is perfect in its whiteness, simplicity and modernity; the wide glass windows give the impression of a wider space and create a pleasant atmosphere. The bookshelves are perfect in their simplicity and reveal the owner’s personality.

All the rooms have simple, modern furniture and no matter where you are, you have that pleasant feeling of being in a open space that offers anything you might want, from the largest furniture piece to the smallest detail.  The warm shades or strong colors define the mood and make you feel at ease, the light and the open space feeling contribute to the dream atmosphere that every corner stands for. It is definitely the kind of home everyone wants to have!

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