Ideal Contemporary retreat in Norway

What Todd Saunders studio designed is the most contemporary retreat for themselves and friends and the result is more than a place where to disconnect. The minimalist interiors and the amount of technology supported by natural gas reveal the most inviting place where you definitely feel at ease and enjoy the company of family or friends.Nothing compares to the natural light provided by candles and to the unique atmosphere created. Among the aspects that impress the most is the large outdoor floor that reveals the most beautiful views, beyond all expectations.

Besides the breathless environment that surrounds the house, there is also a church-like feeling thanks to the contrast provided by the dark forest in the back and the large open light in front. The fact that the mountains, clouds and fjord are in a constant change is fascinating and you definitely forget about everything else in front of this spectacular landscape.

The surrounding area is perfect, the outdoor floor is inviting and the summerhouse has everything you would expect and even more. The wide glass windows and doors are ideal and provide the most spectacular and relaxing views. This is among the places that make you realize that people do not need many things to be happy and enjoy the beauty of life. Everything is simple, disconnects you from real life and makes you see the essence, natural beauty and simplicity of all things.

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