Iconic church in Portugal

It looks more like a mall but, actually, it’s a church. A very nice one.The simple and clean design really makes it stand out, especially since the environment looks rather… boring. Designed by Roseta Vaz Arquitectos, the Boa Nova Church, as it is called, Has quickly become the most attractive and interesting monument in the city of Estoril, Portugal.

This iconic structure is a tall and very simple structure with a very futuristic look, compared to the usual kitschy churches. I would go inside this church without even thinking.

I honestly don’t care it’s a church, I just like the look. With a design like this, the church will be full in no time. It’s actually a great way of attracting people. Who knows, maybe some of them would even convert if they like the doctrine.One thing is certain: the believers aren’t the only ones who will love this church.


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