HSB Turning Torso Building in Sweden

I love imaginative people and I am impressed with their power and vision. Let’s take architects for example. They are able to see the whole building , even if it has hundred of meters, in their heads long before the building even starts being built. And nowadays these architects tend to express themselves in an original way, without copying their predecessors or keeping the tradition as the only guidance. This is how amazing and also bizarre buildings have appeared all over the world, being now admired for their innovative or unusual architecture.

The perfect example is HSB Turning Torso Building in Sweden in Malmo, Sweden. Its name comes from its unusual look , very much like a turning human torso. Actually the source of inspiration for the design of this skyscraper is a sculpture of a twisting human torso that was made in white marble by Santiago Calatrava, the same person who designed the unusual building.

The construction of this building began in the summer of 2001 and it was officially opened on 27th August 2005. The Turning Torso Building in Sweden is considered a skyscraper because its height is 190 m and the tallest residential building in the European Union.

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The Turning Torso is unique because it rotates itself around its own axis with 90 degrees and looks as if a giant pair of hands would like to squeeze it until water comes out. You can imagine that it is built on a very solid steel framework and it needed tremendous engineering skills to complete it and make it functional as it is today.



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