Housing where the Nature met the Modern at The Pryor Residence by Bates Masi Architects

Everyone expects the living arrangements in a manner, which enable one to be among the nature, yet the facilities and the decoration comply with the modern trends.  In case of the designing for housing at The Pryor Residence by Bates Masi Architects, this motto of “Back to the Nature “ established yet again. This house is on top of a hill at Montauk.

The philosophy behind this housing was by a couple, who wanted to design something new and innovative, which can reflect their affection for the nature in their living lifestyle. And this was the brainchild for this unique housing style .It is a two-storied house, at the ground floor, there is an open space where the family can have a sit and enjoy their eating in the open air.  A swimming pool is there at the backdrop, and from its bedrooms in the top floor, one can view the ocean.  Clearly this house have its own style statement, as the family always wished to have housing which can enable them to have the camp Fire environment if they desire so.


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