Housing where Nature is Neighbor: Contemporary Green home in London by SSH

If we can stay among the nature, away from the pollution-filled environment, nothing comes better than that.  Contemporary Green home in London by SSH is just an example to strengthen this view.  It is a house for a nuclear family.  A huge open space is there, that provides the sufficient playing arena for the children and for the social gathering.

SSH designed this house with a concept and it is that it will have as much greenery surrounding it as possible.  And it utilizes the natural energy as much as possible for its daily activities, like they use geo thermal pump for the heating of the house in the winter, the solar energy for heating the water, even a rain water storage system for lesser dependency on underground water.  They made the designing of the house keeping the kitchen in the ground floor, and completely open aired, so that the family can enjoy their meal in a completely open ambience.


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