Housing At Its Best At Cannon Residence by Space International

We all dream about our own private space, and wish to design it the way that it reflects our desire in it.  This space is very much emotionally attached with ourselves.  And Cannon Residence by Space International, by its unique renovating and unique interior decoration just does that. Take example of Thompson Mosley house, where they constructed a new section in the main building. The entire interior is designed with natural materials.  Three designers, Buff, Straub, and Hensman originally designed the house long ago in 1959.

The planning pattern of the housing is Pinwheel plan, where plants and trees surround the main housing.  Space International retained the basic design, and they innovated the interior the interior exactly in the lines of the exterior surroundings of the housing. In the central of the housing, there is a beautifully designed pool, which brings a piece of nature into the artificial decorations.  It has a uniqueness of its own; this housing style could be the most sought after one for anyone.{ found on dailyicon}


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