Houses With Cozy, Quiet And Relaxing Backyard Pools

Unless a house is perched on a cliff, on top of a hill or on a site that has gorgeous views worth admiring, there’s no main reason to have a cantilevered pool or one that sits up on the roof of the building. Backyard pools are the most common, being appreciated for the comfort they offer and the pleasant and intimate ambiance around them. A lot of backyard landscaping ideas can be designed around pools, ponds and water features in general, the results being always exceptional and enjoyable.

This is Villa Sifera, a residence designed by Josep Camps and Olga Felip in Catalonia, Spain. It’s a building organized on a single level, with internal spaces connected to the large outdoor areas which include an infinity pool that can be accessed directly from the bedrooms. A narrow, covered terrace serve as a transition area between the indoor and the outdoor.

(fer) Studio renovated a house in West Hollywood, California and part of the project was to expand the structure. The architects cleverly added a series of internal spaces and established a beautiful and natural connection with the outdoors. There’s a small backyard pool here, shaped like a pond and with glass mosaic tiles. Between the pool and the outdoor living and dining spaces there’s a comfy daybed that makes this whole space feel intimate and welcoming.

When designing the Osler House in Brasilia, Studio MK27 envisioned it as two perpendicular volumes stacked one on top of the other. This unusual configuration allowed them to have the pool placed under the top volumes which cantilevers on two columns. The pool is thus partially covered and protected and this gives it a particularly intimate and comfortable allure.

The client that requested this lovely home in Vancouver, Canada wanted it to be a reflection of the things he loved in his travels. RUFproject were the ones in charge of the design and they chose to combine elements from the West-Coast and Eastern styles. The house is surrounded by beautiful gardens, bamboo and water, the pool and ponds playing an important role in the overall character and style of the home.

The defining characteristic of this home designed by Matt Fajkus Architecture in Austin, Texas is the fact that all the important areas inside it have a direct connection and access to the outdoors, being linked to the garden spaces, the infinity edge pool and the decks. The pool is integrated into a frame that links it to a Jacuzzi tub, also found out in the backyard.

A strong connection with the backyard, the pool and the outdoors in general defined the Secret Garden House, a residence designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design in 2015. The house is located in Bukit Timah, in Singapore. What we love the most about this seamless connection is the extraordinarily comfortable ambiance that’s created out here. The pool is embedded in a deck and partially covered by a suspended bridge-like structure that links two wings of the house.

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In 2016 Tina Urban completed a project called House U. The residence is located in Salzburg, Austria and doesn’t have a particularly large back yard. Still, the dialogue between the interior and exterior spaces is pretty strong and seamless. The house has a glazed rear facade with sliding glass doors that open the internal living areas to a deck and then to a lap pool. The décor then continues with a series of plants that form a privacy screen.

Old houses have plenty of potential and can be transformed into wonderful modern homes. An example in this sense is this 200 year old cottage in Ibiza, Spain. The 42 square meter structure was redesigned and restructured by Studio Standard and now features inviting living areas as well as a lovely pool in its backyard.

Managing to make a home look imposing and feel cozy and open at the same time is no easy task. The Hasting Architectural Associates Design team was successful in this matter when they designed this home in Tennessee. The house looks imposing but also manages to be very open, bright and cozy, featuring a large backyard with a pool, a lawn, a garden and a spacious lounge area.

Minsk, in Belarus has its own share of beautiful and cozy homes with interesting and impressive designs. This is one of them. House A is a project by Igor Petrenko Designs and it features a beautiful combination of modern exterior elements and homey and cozy interior décor. Privacy is important so the pool which sits at the center of a very large deck is protected by an L-shaped divider.

A seamless indoor-outdoor transition is often crucial for a lot of modern and contemporary residences, this family home in Venice, California included. The house was designed by Brooks + Scarpa Architects in 2011. The yard is, in this case, similar to an interior courtyard, being small and cozy. It has a pool with an adjacent lounge area and room for outdoor living spaces too.

Can you believe that this house was built in just four days? You can find it in Boadilla del Monte in Madrid, Spain. The house was designed by MYCC Oficina de Arquitectura out of prefab wood panels which greatly reduced the construction time. Building the backyard pool, however, was not that simple. We really like the way the water reflects the sunlight onto the walls and ceiling of the house.

The residence designed by MF + Arquitetos in Franca, Brazil is an open concept home that takes full advantage of its location and climate. The design blurs the barriers between interior and exterior spaces, seamlessly connecting the living areas to the wooden deck and the adjacent backyard pool. Further more, the design of the house incorporates a series of small courtyards and indoor garden areas.

An open concept design was also used by Cioffi architect when planning this house in Palm Springs, California. The house has a bright and open design, with ample outdoor spaces seamlessly connected to the interior rooms. This dialogue makes the most of the surroundings and the scenery, creating a very relaxing and pleasant ambiance throughout. The large pool is a major attraction.

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Smoothness is something architects aim for when trying to make houses blend in with their surroundings or when creating open and fluid layouts and transitions. The achieved result is a lot of times very pleasant and quite impressive such as in the case of this contemporary in Finestrat, Spain. The house was a project by Gestec Designs and water has an important role in its structure and charm. A large pool spans across the backyard, with a bridge pathway that basically divides it in two sections.

In the case of this home in Israel designed by Axelrod Architects & Pitsou Kedem Architects the pool doesn’t overpower the backyard and yet we couldn’t imagine this ensemble without it. Its as if the pool fits the space and completes it perfectly. A set of stairs gradually make the transition into the water while a roofed lounge area sits parallel to the pool.

When designing and building a pool for a residence, an architect also has to take into consideration the surroundings, the landscape, the views and their impact on the ambiance and décor. For instance, a swimming pool might seem a bit out of place if there’s no greenery around it. On the other hand, this holiday home designed by Estudio Galera in Buenos Aires shows how cozy the atmosphere gets when there are some trees to offer shade and privacy.

A pool is like a fresh oasis, often treated as an addition to a green landscape. Take for instance the backyard of this home in Bellevue, Washington. It’s a home designed by Lane William Architects and it’s quite spacious, with enough room for a comfortable lounge area, an outdoor fireplace, a pool and a lawn/ garden.

It’s often the little things that make a house stand out and feel inviting, like the way the blue area rug echoes the blue water in the large swimming pool or the harmonious view created together with the wooden deck and the tree that’s embedded in it. Speaking of trees, this home in Bologna renovated by MIDE Architetti also has exposed beams made of logs.

Looking at this retreat in South Korea we’re tempted to compare it to a spaceship because of its fluid and clean lines, bold forms and minimalist yet imposing and dramatic architecture. IDMM Architects focused on emphasizing the views and as a result they gave the retreat generous outdoor spaces, including a large pool at the rear of the building, integrated into a raised platform together with comfortable lounge spaces and a lower garden space.

The AB House is a home designed by Pitsou Kedems in Israel. The building itself is framed by trees, vegetation and also by a large swimming pool. All of these feature offer a sense of intimacy and comfort and set barriers between the interior spaces and the neighboring properties or the street.



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