House with midair living in Japan

The house you can see in this pictures is located in the Japan, in the outskirts of the city of Koga, Ibaraki. It was specially designed for a young couple who wanted to have a more special and unusual house. So the most important feature of this house is actually the transparent floor between the two stories of the house.

The translucent flooring is an unconventional one and is not really transparent, but rather made as empty holes in a grid that is made of a resistant greenish material. This way you can see what happens on the other floor without bothering to go there. That is the main reason why the house was called “midair living” – as it gives you the impression that you are living in midair rather than in a conventional house with a conventional ceiling. This can be really great if you love open spaces and if you want to watch over a kid who plays on the upper floor without adult supervision. But this can be also a bit dizzy for those who are afraid of heights, as they feel secure when they can’t see what is underneath and this way do not realize the height or distance to the floor.

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Any way, whether you like this house or not you must admit its originality. The photos were taken by Studio greenblue and if you want to see more, just go here.






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