House with ‘box on back’ extension

Although there are still people in search of big luxurious properties, intelligent people started to understand that you can be luxurious also in smaller houses. You don’t need to stand out with your property’s dimensions, you can impose yourself by your home’s design.The architects from MAKE Architecture Studio renovated a house from 2 Hodgson St Kew, Victoria, Australia, converting a small place into a luxurious home where nobody will ever feel crowded.

The total size of the property has 470 sqm, while the floor area has 215 sqm. The innovation for this house comes from an extra space added with the help of a large ‘box on back’. This is additional capsule that completes the existing space, molding to the house’s design. The living space is extended by this screen. It also protects the living space from the outside noise and it keeps shade during the summer. This is a very efficient way to improve the space problem without harming the original design of the house.

The best thing about small sized houses is the fact that they are more economical. It’s not just about your pocket, but by having a small house, you will also protect nature by conserving resources and reducing carbon footprints. I understand the need of comfort and, why not, luxury, but I never understood why you should buy a bigger house than you need or can afford. Small houses are more practical, being easier to maintain and they can be as chic as large ones, or even more chic.{found on archdaily and pics by Peter Bennetts}.

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