House with 72 solar panels integrated

We can find this electric boat house in It Butlan 9, Heeg, Friesland, The Netherlands, a project designed by Goosman Partners Architecten. This 700 square meters house is special in its way because of its appearance, but also because of its durability. Looking at this construction, I was impressed by its unusual design and material combination, but also for designer’s courage to make such a think without fearing people’s judgments. On the exterior, the building has an warehouse, with an extensive range of machinery for the electric boats and also a pool in front of it.

Electric boats need a lot of electricity; to save money, designer installed in the corner volume 72 solar panels, enough to charge 1385x electric boats. Inside, there is an indoor exhibition space where the boats float in water and a winderful office space. Above, the black volume, the point of attraction in this house faces south and creates a surface that is suitable for processing PV cells. About the building materials, we easily can see that were used natural ones. Wood is wood, brick is brick, and steel is used to sustain the building’s weight.

To beautify the place and to give it more warmth, the boat house is decorated with many spotlights all over the place. Technically speaking, solar panels aren’t the only ecological solution applied. Water is also  preserved. For washing the boats and for flushing the toilets, is used the rainwater collected in a tank. It takes some time getting used to an industrial building like this, but it’s totally different appearance helps people learning more about this modern trend in architecture.{found on archdaily and pics by Sebastiaan Jansen}.

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