House on water in Itaipava, Brazil

There’s something very appealing to a house sitting above water. It’s a different environment and the idea that you can get up in the morning, go on the deck and admire the beautiful surroundings is not something anyone would ignore. The owner of this house can do that every morning.

This beautiful house is located on a riverbank in Itaipava, Brazil. It was designed by Cadas Architecture and it offers wonderful views. The house is a holiday retreat, a place where its owner can go whenever they feel like they need a break for the busy city, when they just want to relax and to enjoy the quiet and beautiful surroundings. The house seems to be floating above water. Moreover, the owners’ love for water doesn’t end here. They also wanted an indoor pool so they asked the architects to find a way of including it in the design.

Inside you can find a double height spa or relaxation area. It features lounge beds and a high stone fireplace. The atmosphere is very relaxed and inviting. Large glazed door connect this area to the outdoors. The house is a wonderful retreat, designed for relaxation and spending time with friends. It’s a great combination of natural and artificial features, of wood, stone and glass, all placed in the middle of a wonderful area that has it all.

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