House Of The Future: Wuppertal Project

The Wuppertal House is definitely not the first solar-powered house to be designed but it’s definitely one of the few to be built with solar walls and roof. It’ proposes a new and interesting concept that could revolutionize the architectural industry. The house is obviously powered entirely by solar energy so there’s absolutely no need for other sources. Featuring a minimalist design, the house follows the trend and offers a simple but modern and functional array of living spaces.

The house is flanked by solar walls and capped by a solar roof. It offers a series of beautiful spaces, perfect for enjoying the beautifully sunny days both from inside and outside the house. To keep the house cool during summer, the team included an advanced HVAC system as well as an evaporation cooler.

Step outside on the deck if you prefer the warm touch of the sun or stay inside and, when things really heat up, the exterior solar thermal curtain wraps around the house to provide extra protection. As for the interior design, enjoy a simple but practical décor with clever storage solutions and built-in furniture and a simple color palette with burst of cheerful color.{found on inhabitat}.

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