House O by Jun Igarishi Architects

House O is a very unusual residence. It was designed by Japanese studio Jun Igarishi Architects and it has a unique structure. When looking at the sketches you might even have the impression that you’re watching an unfolded Rubik’s cube or some sort of origami piece. That’s because this house has a very original and clever design. It has several room that are dispersed in different directions but hey are still connected to each other. This allows the inhabitants to have a beautiful view regardless of the room they are choosing.

This means that, for example, the cooking area benefits of the beautiful view of the trees that can be admired from there and the living area has connection to the south. All the room face a different direction but they are all connected by a box-like structure placed in the middle. Giving the arrangement of the rooms, several semi-enclosed spaces are formed.

The living room even has a window facing such a space. It seems that the owners of this place have created their own little city. Overall, the whole structure looks very modern and simple. The design is minimalist on the outside and very elegant as well. All the geometric shapes go very well together, creating a labyrinth-like structure.

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This is a very suggestive example of an unusual customized home. The beauty of designing your own home is that o have the liberty to choose every detail and to build it according to your personal preferences.



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