House LED

Architecture is one of the sciences that has always impressed us with its massive, eccentric, modern, unique or beautiful buildings. Architects try to put their personal print on their works, express their unique style or realize works that appropriate for a certain place or environment.

It is more impressive if you think of the combination light and architecture. The result will be a striking work where light and architecture will complete and underline each other.Nordwesthaus is such an example. It represents an interesting building with a modern design realized by the architect Baumschlager Eberle.It is a shining glass cube that rises 14 meters out of the water, illuminated by 125 LED spotlights that change their color from green, to blue, yellow, to red.

The lit display was created by Zumtobel Ledon.The interior is spacey and simple and if you are inside you have a feeling that you landed on a strange place.


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