House In The Andes Wrapped In A Rusty Metal Shell

Every house is built in relation to its surroundings and the impact it has on the landscape. This raises a set of unique challenges in every case. When the Evans House was built, the focus was on creating a smooth dialogue between the residence and its surroundings.

Evans House in Argentina rocky landscape

Evans House in Argentina street view

The house was built in 2014 by A4estudio, an architecture firm with diverse interests which treats every project as an intellectual process in relation with its contemporary dynamics and its impact on the landscape. The company also offers special attention to sustainable projects, this one being no different.

Evans House in Argentina side view and location

The Evans House is located in Tunuyan, Mendoza, in Argentina. It’s surrounded by vineyards and by the Andes Mountains. It was designed as a compact volume which sits on a basement structure, rising over the vegetation line in order to capture views of the valley and the mountains.

Evans House in Argentina rusty metal shell

Evans House in Argentina views of mountains

The facades are covered with rusty metal sheets and this allows the house to establish a dialogue with the landscape, in particular with the vineyards surrounding it. The basement level was built using local river stones.

Evans House in Argentina basement and upper level contrast

Evans House in Argentina basement stone structure

Their colors and textures mimic the arid landscape surrounding the house. This contrast of materials, colors and textures between the ground level and the cantilevered structure on top of it was meant to capture the diversity of the surroundings and the views, allowing the house to capture the spirit of it natural background and to become a part of it.

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Evans House in Argentina wine cellar interior

The interior is wrapped in wood of various colors forming random patterns and a dynamic décor throughout. The wood allows the interior spaces to feel warm and inviting while at the same time offering a subtle hint of rustic beauty consistent with the surroundings.

Evans House in Argentina interior living area

Evans House in Argentina interior kitchen design

The windows and openings are focused on views of the west and east. The basement level which can be distinguished by its stone facade contains the wine cellar as well as a few other spaces. On top of it are the social areas.

Evans House in Argentina dining space

Evans House in Argentina kitchen and dining areas

The kitchen, dining and living spaces share an open plan. They are designed with lots of wood and using simple and earthy colors such as brown, gray and beige. The simplicity of the interior décor is complemented by the astonishing views of the Andes mountains and the valley.

Evans House in Argentina bedroom design

Evans House in Argentina bathroom zen design

The bedroom is a semi-private space sharing similar characteristics with the rest of the house. The various wood patterns on the walls, floor and ceiling give it a dynamic and unique look, toned down by other simplistic details such as the black built-in wall unit or the nightstands.

Evans House in Argentina terrace and pool

The upper level opens onto a terrace and a lap pool. From up here, the views are even more impressive, overwhelming even.

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Evans House in Argentina views of Andes



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