House in Pozuelo de Alarcón by A-cero Architects

This great sculpture emerges as a balance of three principles in it construction, firmness and beauty. It is very well known for its geometry, sophisticated materiality and elegant composition. The marble shell is a symbol of refuge and identity protection. The architecture is so constructed that sunlight can enter all the rooms.

The purity of shapes gives the sense of concrete walls standing on a plot without inter-connecting pillars. The environment around the architecture is framed with a garden full of planters and flowerbeds. The entrance is marked by a steel beam door and windows are conceptualized as openings.

The design is appropriate with open spaces, soft colors and clean finishes.  Simple miniature adds to the inside beauty of the design. The brightness and color adds an undisputed sensibility to the architecture. The continuity between the rooms and outside is marked by panels instead of doors. A 17-metre window connects the living room to the garden.

The rooms are filled with all essential things along with decorations. The basement has a garage, swimming pool, music room, gym and a cellar. The layout involves a large marble cylinder on ground floor and the upper floor has bedrooms and bathrooms completed in ash wood.

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