House in Netherlands With A Light And Bright Interior

The first thing anyone probably notices when they first take a look at this house is the fact that the interior is very bright and very light. That’s mostly due to that very nice combination of white and wood. The wood features are all over the rooms and they have that light finish that allows them to interact with the white décor very nicely and without resulting in a contrasting mix.

Originally, this beautiful house was built in 1760. Back then it was a coach house annex stables. Later it has been converted into the spacious house that it is today. The last renovation was a project by Zecc Architects. The house, located in Breukelen, The Netherlands was renovated in 2012 and the goal then was to remove and get rid of anything that wasn’t useful. There were a lot of features that were then for now important reason. The architects wanted to make this house look simple, airy and spacious.

A few structural and layout changes have been made as well. For example, the stable is now used as a living room and what used to be the tack room is now the entrance hall. The coach house has also been converted into a kitchen. The structure had to be partially demolished to make room for all the changes. But now, as you can see, there’s a strong connection between the living room and the kitchen. A modern staircase was also added during the renovation. The exterior of the house got an updated look as well. It’s made of smooth stucco and the interior is entirely made of solid oak.

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