House in Casa de Campo by A-cero

Joaquin Torres directs one of the most peculiar teams that are ready to construct the risky and the most challenging constructions. One of them being the idea upon the singular architecture located at the Dominican Republic. The house is thoroughly dressed by the Coralline stones that simply prospers and enhances the abundance of the sun light in reference to the marine portion.

A-cero’s House in Casa de Campo1

The splendid sculptural set is revealed with the attainment of the walls and their respective curved architecture. Crossed ventilations make the whole house advantageous to the climate of the Caribbean. The sea breeze soothingly passes throughout the crossed ventilation provisions.

The entry to this extravagant housing is commenced with a big door of dual sheet well carved out from the wood being at the middle. Sheer quality and extreme ideas of architectural genius is the key to this spectacular construction. The whole construction reveals how skilled are the architects who designed this fine piece of extravagance in the Caribbean climate.


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