House facade shaped like a keyhole by EASTERN Design Office

Located in the beautiful Kyoto, Japan, this interesting-looking house sits on a 90.81 square meters site area and its total floor area measures 103.47 square meters. The house was designed and built by EASTERN Design Office and it’s called the Keyhole House. The name is inspired by the façade that is shaped like a keyhole.

The house is simple and has a stylish design, with minimal architectural details. It’s a two-storey residence sitting on a narrow street in crowded Kyoto. It was built for a family of four and their two family cats. On the first floor of the house there’s a common living area in the form of a Japanese-style room, a bathroom, a dining room and kitchen, a walk-in closet as well as a catwalk for the family’s two furry friends.

The first floor is connected to the second floor by an L-shaped staircase. There you can find the private areas of the house, like the two bedrooms, the bathroom, a walk-in closet, a living room and a terrace. The main façade of the house has windows shaped like a key, which is yet another reason to call this place the Keyhole house. It’s a beautiful residence with a playful contemporary design and it would make a perfect family home.

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