House Designs Featuring Glass Extensions – Enjoy Nature From The Comfort Of Your Home

Adding an extension to an already existing residence is quite common. But building a glass extension is a whole different story. Glass is the perfect material if you wish to get in touch with nature and the landscape surrounding you but still to be able to enjoy the comfort of being indoors. You might think that a glass extension only looks good on a modern or contemporary home but, as you’ll see, that’s not necessarily true.

Minimalist glass extension.

Glass extensions are also a good option when there are building restrictions in the area. For example, the owners of this house wanted to replace a semi-derelict part of their house with the most minimal new structure. They opted for this glass extension for the rear of their house.{found on site}.

Stone old cabin.

This small stone cabin is situated in the Belgian countryside. Architect Erpicum was the one who transformed it and built the glass extension. This extension contains an enclosed living room and it’s a pavilion which offers panoramic views of the surroundings. The extension contrasts with the existing building but this only makes it more interesting.

Modern renovation and extension.

This big manor is located in Winchester, England and it too has a glass extension. It was built in 2012 and it was a project by AR Design Studio. The extension is a bright, simple and transparent space with a glass staircase. It’s situated at the rear of the property and has views of the garden. A seamless relationship was created between the interior and exterior spaces.

London house.

Also located in England, this residence got an extension in 2014. it was designed by DOSarchitects. The London house now has a dining area which opens onto the back yard. The glass walls also let it lots of natural light and completely transforms the entire house, not just this portion.

5-story townhouse.

This is a 5-story London townhouse which was renovated and redesigned in 2011. among the changes that have been made, the double-height glass extension is the most relevant. It was added at the back of the house and it includes a steel balcony and a staircase that leads to the garden.

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Glass House Surrounded by Nature.

PCKO architects in collaboration with MOFO architects created this beautiful glass extension for a house located in Krakow, Poland. The whole house shares the same transparent and open design as the extension so there’s a nice balance and cohesion throughout.

Hertfordshire house.

This is a house located in Hertfordshire, north of London which has been extended to the side. The glass extension has a very simple and yet dramatic look. It has toughened glass beams connected to glass fin columns so it was entirely built of glass. This allows it to be fully transparent and to offer unobstructed views of the surroundings.

Farmhouse glass extension.

Although not entirely made of glass, the extension to this house is very interesting. It was built using key elements from the existing structure such as locally sourced stone, the pitched roof and color of the new metalwork. The result was a modern extension which incorporates elements from the old main structure.

Terrace house extension.

This Edwardian house is located in London and it has an eye-catching extension. It’s a structure which connects the house to the garden and is perceived as an extension of the interior spaces rather than as an outdoor area. It features clean and clear lines and a modern design. The indoor and outdoor spaces overlap and gives the house a new and fresh look.

Traditional house.

by Wayne Fuji’i

Old and new come together in the design of this residence in Cape Cod. The original structure is a 19th century residence and the extension is the reflection of the owner’s desire for something new. The extension has a minimalist design and glass walls. It offers views and access to the garden and it brings light into the back portion of the house.

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More space for kitchen.

by Andrew McKinney

Having a spacious kitchen is crucial and adding an extension to the house is a great solution for this problem. The original kitchen in this residence was small and cramped but the wood and glass extension completely transforms it. The original exterior wall was removed and only the beams remained.

Extra room.

You can also build an extension to your residence if you wish to reveal a space which was originally unused. For example, this glass extension was built between the exterior walls of this house and allows the owners to use this space. Because it’s made of glass, the extension doesn’t really interfere with the original design and architecture of the house.{found on site}.

Natural light.

by Susan Fisher Plotner.

In this case, the glass extension allows the kitchen to become more spacious, open and bright and it also provides space for a dining area with lovely views of the outdoors. In addition, a terrace/deck was also built and it can be used as an outdoor living area, great for entertaining guests.

Lounge room area.

This house in St. Louis is a perfect example if you wish to see how an extension to the original house can provide an extra room which can be used as a lounge area. The extension has glass walls and skylights so it’s always bright and open. It’s long and narrow so it had to be divided into separate areas. It looks like a very relaxing space.

Patio extension.

This extension provides the owners of this residence with a covered patio or porch. It has glass walls which let it plenty of light and is a relaxing space, perfect for lounging, entertaining guests, enjoying breakfast or simply reading a good book. Its design is not that different from that of the original house and it doesn’t particularly interfere with the overall design since it’s located at the rear of the house.



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