House Carqueija in Brazil by Bento+Azevedo Architects

Bento+Azevedo Architects have designed a beautiful residence. Located in Camaçari, Brazil, the House Caequeija is intended to be more site sensitive, emphasizes the outside life and provides functional and comfortable living spaces.

This splendid house has two bedrooms, a chapel and a large social area, which integrates living, dining and TV room in an open space linked to the outside area through a porch. The ground level home is horizontally sited into its site and with the help of the environment the building seems to be floating on the spot, creating two different levels of occupations.

Moreover the house closes itself from the front street and opens into the backyard. This way it is connected with the green area by architectural elements like large windows, sliding doors and a porch. On the other hand, on the front facade you can see a narrow window and a pare-soleil that were used to protect the house against solar irradiation and also to provide privacy. Furthermore, this amazing residence presents modern furnishings and state of the art stainless steel appliances that make it complete.

House Carqueija is a first class property and a sanctuary to retreat to. It is highly functional and high on style, the perfect place for you and your family.

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