House 6 from Marcio Kogan with a Covered External Space

Sometimes the specific client demands can bring out the best in an architect and that is what has exactly happened with Marcio Kogan. Marcio finished the House 6 after the family requested a covered external space which could be used for everyday living. Marcio resorted to reviving the idea of a traditional veranda for the House 6 where the veranda is more of an open space which simultaneously opens to the garden as well as the pool. The veranda also renders the services of a living room, a TV room and an extended kitchen which as the images reflect looks pretty cool and acceptable at the same time.

This beautiful house is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and interestingly Brazil in the older times has had a strong tradition of veranda laden houses. Thus, House 6 is a mesmerizing structure which enlivens the old and blends it with the new.


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