Hotel & Office Built Out Of Recycled Freight Containers On An Organic Farm

Tony’s farm sits on a site located outside Shanghai, China. Here, on the farm, lots of ecologically controlled fruits and vegetables are grown which are then distributed by the organic food provider Tony. But the farm is not entirely occupied by crop fields. It also includes a very interesting building.

The building that was constructed on the farm was a project developed by Playze.The architects and designers adopted a very interesting strategy for this project. They built this structure out of recycled freight containers. Although unusual, buildings and structures made from recycled containers are relatively common for modern architecture. As with any material and strategy, there are advantages and disadvantages in this case. But this was mainly a choice of style.

Playze designed and built here a hotel and an office. The building was constructed using 78 recycled freight containers. As for the style and design, the architects integrated lots of traditional Chinese concepts into their design, although they tried to make it as simple and contemporary as possible with a touch of traditional charm.

Among the traditional elements used on the project we can mention the sun protected outdoor spaces which create a sort of smooth and seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s a detail based on style as well as on the climatic requirements of the building. The site was very well chosen not only because of the building’s requirements but also because of the farm’s main role and objective.

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This unique contemporary building was designed mainly for welcoming guests at the farm but also for meetings and conferences. For now, only the hotel lobby was built and the hotel rooms are to be constructed in a second phase of the project. The guests will be picked up by electro card and driven to their hotel rooms.



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