Hoshi Ryokan – the Oldest Hotel in the World

Now the incredible development of the means of transport allow us to move fast from one place to another, even in different parts of the world. But there was a time when people rarely left their homes and spent the whole life in their village or surroundings. However, there is a beginning in everything and the first men who started to travel were the merchants and those who went on religious pilgrimage. They first used people’s homes to stay over night, but in time some little inns appeared as a business, offering them food and shelter. And, according to the Guiness World Records, the oldest such inn in the world is Hoshi Ryokan in Japan.

Actually the name “ryokan” is the Japanese word for the traditional Japanese inn. Some old documents say that this inn or small hotel appeared some time in 718 and is still operating, which is amazing. Of course it has been renovated and improved, but still – it has a long history of almost 1300 years behind. What’s even more amazing is the fact that this little inn is still run by descendants of the first owners, after 64 generations. If you are interested in getting more details about accommodation, location and price you can visit their web site (yes, they have one and there is an English version of the web site, too!).

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