Horgen townhouse with views of lake Zurich

This imposing townhouse is located in Horgen, Switzerland. It was a project developed by Moos Giuliani Hermann Architekten and it was completed in 2011. The building covers an area of 260 square meters and it has been built vertically. It’s a four-storey family residence with a modern design and that benefits from a great location that offers views of the lake Zurich.

Since the site was not overly large, the residence had to be built vertically. This choice was also influenced by the views. As you can see, it has a very simple external design. The façade is made of white concrete. In order to compensate and to achieve harmony, the architects also used warm oak wood and linen wallpaper for the interior. These elements almost neutralize the gray cement ceilings and the polished concrete floors, creating an overall harmonious décor.

The residence features while oiled oak window frames for the interior and aluminum window frames for the exterior. The building has a functional internal structure. In features a studio, two bedroom, a master bedroom, a dressing room, a dining room, a kitchen, a living room, a roof terrace, showers, a bathroom, a double garage, a patio and a wine cellar. These areas are scattered on the four floors. All the bathrooms feature laundry chutes that transport the dirty laundry directly to the washing machine.{found on archdaily}.

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