Holiday Girona house with an unsual roof

The Periscope House is a holiday residence located in La Selva de Mar, Girona, Spain. It used to be just a ruin until it was rehabilitated and turned into this lovely retreat. The restoration and transformation of the building was a project by Nerea Calvillo with Daniel García, Marina Fernández and Aitor Casero from C+arquitectos. They designed this house for a private client and completed it in 2011.

The house covers a total area of 209 square meters. It has a very interesting design. Some of its most interesting features include an inhabitable roof sitting on top of a series of recovered stone walls. The architects managed to preserve some of the building’s original elements. The walls are part of its history and a testimony of the past while the rest is a look towards the future. The internal structure is simple and efficient. All the service areas are attached to the stone walls and form a protective layer for the central area.

The core of the house is a large space that can be easily reconfigured and used as a night club, a football field or anything else its owner wants it to be. It can be accessed from any part of the house and it also offers access to all the other areas. The arrangement is quite unusual but very interesting at the same time. Considering the fact that technically the house has no road access, this was a quite difficult project that required that all materials would be transported by hand. At the end, the ruin turned into a contemporary home.{found on archdaily and pics by Miguel de Guzmán }.

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