Historical church turned into a private home in The Netherlands

Located in Haarlo, The Netherlands, this building used to be a historical Dutch church. But with time it became abandoned and no functioned as it was intended to.Recently, the building was transformed into a loft living space. It was a project developed by Leijh, Kappelhof, Seckel, van den Dobbelsteen Architects.The architects managed to turn this monument dating back to 1928 into a more modern space suitable as a private home.

The church mostly needed to be restored but the project also involved a few major changes meant to make it better suited as a home. Given the fact that it was a historical monument still in good shape and with lots of beautiful architectural details, most of these elements have been preserved and restored. They include elements such as the façade, the bell tower, the wooden roof, the panel doors, the arch windows and all the beautiful stained glass.

Even though the main concern was to preserve as much as possible from the original, the architects also made a few additions that include the mezzanine which became a room designed for relaxation and that features a comfy couch, a bed and a bathroom and a multifunctional zone with a built-in kitchen and an exhibition wall. The restoration and renovation project focused on using simple, pure and functional materials that include concrete for the floors, stainless steel for the kitchen appliances and glass for the partitions.{pictures by Vincent}.

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