Historic residential flat in the old port of Jaffa, Tel Aviv

Minimalism is the main direction that contemporary designs and creations adopt. However, minimalism has reached a new level and dimension when this incredible residential flat has been built. Located in the old port of Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel, this incredible place was designed by Israeli-based Pitsou Kedem – Architects.

The 100 square meter (1,076.4 square feet) residential flat has a very distinctive look. When you’re in there you feel like it’s taking you back in time. It has a historic look that definitely makes it stand out in that area. A lot of stone has been used in the construction. The inspiration came from the original look at the residence. Pitsou Kedem Architects were asked to help restore and redesign the unusual place. The residence is thought to be hundreds of years old and the new design beautifully celebrates that.

The owners asked for the restoration of the original structure and the unveiling of the original materials (stone structure, pottery and beach sand) which were concealed under thick additional constructional elements. When the exterior was done, it was time to design the interior. There, the owners wanted a combination of contemporary minimalism and historical asceticism. The result is really unique and indeed exceptional. The contrast of old and new is very visible but not deranging in any way. It’s a very interesting and eye-catching combination.

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