Hillside Residence in Kinglake,Australia

This new building in Kinglake, Victoria, Australia is the perfect example of biophilic design made by Edwards Moore.It is ment to combine living and privacy of a home  with the landscape surrounding it.In this way the environment full of trees and and green grass becomes part of the interior design.When looking around this home strikes you with its big windows that offer a panoramic view  towards the surrounding area from different rooms and from different angles.

The interior is spacious with walls closing in different angles and lots of big windows revealing great views.The place destined for dining and living is massive.With dark wooden tables, dark wooden chairs offering functionality and also a clean modern design.This space is like a hallway making the connection with all the individual rooms.

The entire place looks like a bunch of small homes spreaded randomly, following not one  traditional rule of building and decoration under a big roof that covers them all.It is important to mention that the roof is elevated a bit above the actuall ceiling letting more light to come in and to create the  feeling of vast opend space in which nature can peek unabated.

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This 135 square metres place feels comfortable tanks to its  modern appliances, modern building materials and colours and a youthful touch given by Juliet Moore and Ben Edwards.The lack of intimacy that might occur with the big windows and glass   doors   is compensated by the wild forrest surrounding the entire area creating the perfect habitat for you.{pics by Peter Bennetts and found on archdaily}



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