Heavenly Beverly Hills House Featuring A Vibrant Natural Design

Hello world and Happy Monday! A brand new week starts today, full of great new ideas we can’t wait to share with you. Today we’ll start with this gorgeous mansion. It gave us a lot of inspiration and we hope it will do the same for you.

Located in Beverly Hills, California, this residence is a remodel of an existing home originally built in the 1970s. The remodel was a project by McClean Design and they designed a series of residential spaces starting from the original layout.

The living area is spacious and simple but also inviting. The modern fireplace gives the room an alluring feel and the abstract artwork adds style without following a particular theme.

The color palette and the materials used are simple and based on natural elements. The gray accents give the white space a modern and sophisticated look while the subtle hints of yellow add cheer to the space.

The bar is a wonderful feature emphasizing the modern design and the flexible décor. The sleek open shelves go well with the whole minimalist look.

This particular room is very appealing and interesting. It has a fireplace which, in combination with the white-themed décor creates a lovely balance and makes the room feel welcoming. The skylights are a very nice touch and, although there are no floor-to-ceiling glass walls like in the case of the other spaces, the room still feels very open and airy.

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A gorgeous master bedroom with a huge terrace and the possibility to seamlessly combine the two spaces to form one single volume. The hanging chandelier placed in the corner of the room is a rather unexpected accent detail.

The bedroom is very spacious and also includes this cozy area with a fireplace, wall-mounted TV and two comfy armchairs with a coffee table in between. It’s a very zen space.

It seems that all rooms of this house are huge and gorgeous and the bathroom is no exception. Transparent glass walls were used to encase the shower and floor-to-ceiling glass walls connect the room to the outdoors.

The kitchen is also very large and it seems even more spacious thanks to the minimalist design. The built-in cabinets and appliances become part of the wall while the two islands provide extra prep and storage space.

I love it how the indoor spaces communicate with the outdoors and the barriers between them simply disappear. This sitting area communicates with the beautiful manicured lawn, the pool and of course the stunning views.

The colors were wonderfully chosen for each area of the house. The living area features a beautiful marble black wall which, in combination with the wooden floor creates a warm and intimate look.

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