HD Haus Located in the Village of Schwarzach

For me the rural settings are ideal to come up with a beautiful house as the landscapes on offer provide a lot of assistance to that beautification. Take for instance the Haus HD  by Bernardo Bader which is located in the village of Schwarzach, at the foot of Linzenberg.

This small house was built for a young female client who wanted a house tailor-made for the site far from the conventional boxy structures.  As per the client demand, the house is ideal for a small family and it has accordingly been divided into two floors. The upper facility house the cooking, dining and living spaces while the lower one has the bedrooms, the bathroom and a small basement. It is the upper level which also serves as the entrance to the house.

It’s a very beautiful and modern house. It has a very nice design, both in terms of exterior design as well as of interior décor. Every room as specific look, a different atmosphere and décor. But what they all share in common is the modern and simple style. It’s nice how all the materials and patterns work together and form a complete and equilibrated image.

And all the different colors also work together to form complementary and colorful images.  It’s a beautiful design, modern and elegant and also stylish. It’s located in a nice and quiet place, with a lot of nature surrounding it. It’s the perfect place for relaxation.

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