Have Fun and Relax at Wanaka House

The ideal home is meant to offer you protection, privacy and comfort. It must be a place where you can do whatever you want, allow you be the perfect host for any entertaining event and make you forget about the crowded and noisy city where you live.Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects had the same ideas in mind when they started to work at the project called Wanaka House.

Their project refers to a single-level modern residence located in Wanaka, New Zealand. Although the house looks like a luxury air plane, which has just landed on a magnificent piece of land, surrounded by wonderful mountains, actually the building was nice integrated into this natural landscape. At the same time, its location offers a great protection against the natural factors.

Its floor-to-ceiling windows that surround the whole building make of it an elegant, transparent building which offers great views and a huge amount of natural light. The modern white dinner table looks more like a meeting table but the original lamp shade of the ceiling lighting, made of photos and written messages seem to break the formal design of it.

The kitchen area keeps the same elegance of white nuance like the fantastic bathroom which offers great views of the natural surroundings. The living area is dominated by grey nuances which are sweetened by the red accents used for the modern chair that appears here.

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The entrance area of the house seems to impress through the gabion wall which makes the integration of the building into the landscape look more natural. It represents the separation point of the garage made of timber walls from the main house. Built for entertainment, relaxation and peaceful retreat too, the modern Wanaka House seems to cover all tastes and expectations!{pictures by Patrick Reynolds.}.



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