Hangzhou Sports Park is a Beautiful Flower-Shaped Stadium in China

The last Olympics held in China left the country with many beautiful sports parks but even after the event has long been over, the country continues to develop furthermore on this count. The latest park being developed replicates the shape of a gigantic-flower and this will be the largest sports park in China with an Olympic-size stadium also incorporated in the design.

Dubbed the Hangzhou Sports Park, this 400,000 sq meter project will hopefully be completed by 2013. Located on the Qian Tang riverfront, it is designed to function as a sustainable public park amidst the surrounding urban development.

This is probably the most artistic stadium I’ve ever seen. The contrast is amazing. Inside there are a lot of sports fans, that as you might already know, are loud and not very soft, at least not when they are watching the game. But on the outside, the stadium looks a very beautiful, soft flower. The combination is daring but beautiful and successful.  The image seen from far away is a very beautiful one. This is  stadium where I would love to be, even if I’m not a sports’ fan. I can only image how interesting and amazing it must be to actually be there. The park is also placed in a great location, with great views anywhere you look. This is an homage to sports. It really stands out.

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