Hanging Houses of Cuenca – Spain

Cuenca is a city in the central part of Spain and it has nothing out of the ordinary except the Hanging houses. These famous buildings are famous all over the world and tourists come to see them because they seem to be literally “hanging” from the cliffs tops. They were built directly from the cliffs and the view is spectacular. Nobody knows for sure the exact moment when they were built, but it was some time between the thirteenth and the fifteenth century. They were rebuilt in the twentieth century because there were only three of them left and they were already considered a landmark of the place.

The hanging houses were built in Gothic style and they have a richness of details of wood on the inside. But the exterior entranceway  belongs to the Renaissance style and this makes them all the more interesting. As most Spanish houses in the past had a name, these three houses have some very nice names: one is called The Mermaid House and the other two are The houses of kings. The latter ones are now housing the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art and the lonely one on the left is turned into a restaurant. I guess you must not be afraid of heights if you go there.

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