Hang Nga Guesthouse – the Crazy House in Vietnam

I know it’s not Halloween yet, but I have just discovered one of the strangest buildings I have ever seen and I want to share my info with you. If you see a horror movie and after that you are told to imagine the scary house in it, you will certainly think about a strange looking building, resembling a dried tree and with twisted shapes and angles. Well, you are not far from the truth. The Hang Nga Guesthouse – also known as the Crazy House in Vietnam is the real image of your imagination. The architect , Dang Viet Nga, was inspired by the Spanish genius – Gaudi and designed this unusual building.

You will not see many right angles in this building, but everything looks twisted and contorted. The architect said that he did not have any plans designed for every room, but he rather took an expressionist painting and tried to make the room similar to the painting, hiring local handcraftsmen for this. That is why the room look like there are trees and plants growing inside and each room has a certain theme, named after an animal. There is the tiger room, where you will see the red eyes of a tiger on the wall, the kangaroo room that has a fireplace in the kangaroo’s belly, the eagle room and so on.

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The whole guesthouse is very natural looking, as even the hallways are made to look like tunnels or caves and the whole structure makes you think more of the mother nature creation rather than of a man built construction. Any way, it was opened to the public in 1990 and has gained international fame ever since, being considered one of the strangest buildings in the world. You can make reservations online for a room for a price between $23-69.



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