Green School Made From Bamboo in Indonesia

A new wave in the world of green buildings has been brought forth by the hill shaped French eco house. Especially the green school showcases using the bamboo as construction materials in Indonesia has been making waves in the world of modern architecture.

In France, the constructions are made to give shape to a gorgeous green house that is disguised as grassy knoll. Such construction is coming up in the City of Reims. Some of the bamboo structures are clearly efficient for the lovers of nature. Dedicated roof construction using leafy bamboos and other materials is a novel design in the architectural worlds.

With all the green, recyclable, and sustainable items, the hill shaped French Eco house does not emit any greenhouse emissions and that is why they are quite popular as modern econ friendly structure. Another similar structure is the hill shaped house with water recycling park that is a great boon to the environment.{Photo credits: PT Bambu and Ahkamul Hakim.}


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