Green-Roofed House Inspired By The Land And The Views

This is not the first and definitely not the last house with a design and a structure defined and shaped by the site and surroundings. It is, however, a unique residence that defines beauty and style in its own way. Located in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, this is a project named Irekua Anatani.

Irekua Anatani House at night

Irekua Anatani House green roof from a distance

The name of the project translates as “family house under the trees” which actually describes the house perfectly. The residence was designed by Broissin, an award-winning team with an interest in modern architecture and new ways of making each project stand out. The house was completed in 2016 and offers a total of 700 square meters of living space.

Irekua Anatani House green roof

Irekua Anatani House green surroundings

The design of the house and the program were adapted to the topography of the land and the conditions on the site. In other words, the big decisions were made by first consulting with the surroundings. Each space and each wall was carefully adjusted according to its function and in relation to the house and everything around it.

Irekua Anatani House hallway

Irekua Anatani House wood indoors

The orientation greatly influences the interior design and the overall ambiance. The South-East facade has a linear look and features a wood shell similar to a curtain. This feature filters the light and lets the sunlight through in the morning without overwhelming the spaces.

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Irekua Anatani House wood facade

Irekua Anatani House facade with wood panels

The facade facing towards South-West is quite different. Being made mostly of glass, it welcomes the panoramic views and the light in. It provides the most beautiful view at sunset and it uses all the light and warmth of the sun to make the bedrooms feel extra cozy and inviting.

Irekua Anatani House front facade

The Northern facade of the house overlooks the lake and the valley so it too uses the views to its advantage and as a way to welcome the outdoors in. This side of the house also has an outdoor extension that reinforces the relationship between the land and the interior.

Irekua Anatani House terrace

Another design element meant to emphasize the close relationship between the house and the site and its surroundings is the green roof. This roof type is 100% green and its role is more than just aesthetic. It ensures uniform temperatures throughout the year, insulating the interior. At the same time, the roof also allows the house to blend in more easily, camouflaging it and making it a natural part of the landscape.

Irekua Anatani House indoor relaxation area

Irekua Anatani House indoor sliding doors

The interior design is also inspired by the land and the large trees present on the property and everywhere around it. The Irekua Anatani House is a very welcoming home with lovely wooden floors and comfortable furniture meant to make each room feel as cozy as possible.

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Irekua Anatani House living room fireplace

A large wood-burning fireplace in the living room ensures a warm and cozy ambiance all year round while the floor-to-ceiling windows add a touch of green and freshness to the space. The décor is eclectic, being a combination of rustic, traditional, industrial and modern. Harmony dominates the rooms and makes them all interact in a seamless and organic manner while giving each one a unique and strong character.

Irekua Anatani House dining area

The program is designed to be user-friendly and space-efficient with a focus on relaxation. Two of the bedrooms, for example, are separated by a relaxation, contemplation area.

Irekua Anatani House bedroom view

The swimming pool is oriented towards the tree canopies and the valley. The large trees provide shade and privacy, resembling guardians that shelter the pool and the terraces.

Irekua Anatani House covered terrace

Irekua Anatani House swimming pool



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