Green house in Brittany by Patrice Bideau

This residence is located in Brittany, France. It was designed by Patrice Bideau and it’s a green house. We’re not talking about the color but about the principles and components used to build it. This organic and bioclimatic house was built using organic architectural principals and green energy components. The result was maximum efficiency using the minimum of technical elements.

The house was completed in 2012. The clients wanted a new house on their property and they had few requests. They mainly wanted a landscaped garden and a chemical-free swimming pool. The architects took these elements to the next level and used this inspiration for the whole house. The garden and the pool were in fact created before the actual construction of the house began. The garden was not only requested for its beauty but it also had another function: to provide protection from the Westerly winds. Moreover, a vegetable garden was also created on the east side.

The architect’s plan was to build a low-energy consumption house focusing on a mixture of bioclimatic concepts. The materials used to build the house were wood and concrete. The house was originally planned with thermodynamic heating and a 5.8 kW hot water tank. The residence includes a garage with a zinc roof and a canopy overhang. The main house features 145/45 wood frame walls with 145mm Rockwool insulation. It has concrete floors with extra insulation. The 45° pitched roof features natural schistose slates and has a zinc-clad.

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The roof is also insulated. The property also includes a pergola with a terrace.Because of all these elements, at the end the thermodynamic heating system was replaced with back-up heating in the form of a 6 kW wood burning stove and high performance fluid-filled radiators. Not only that this is a green and eco house, but it’s also a very beautiful retreat. The gardens are truly beautiful.{pics by Armel Istin}.



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