Green City Center With Modern Castle

Nothing is better than for a city to leave the marks of its history and to have a complete new makeover that is environmental friendly. Augustenborg of Denmark may be going to achieve the ideal look of the city. Merging the old with new, with its historical mark and the new modern design, Deve Architects, going to create a whole new look of a castle of modern design for the revitalized Augustenborg from the aging and deteriorating industrial structures surrounded with waters.

Nordic Town Get Green City Center Complete With Modern Castle

Nordic Town Get Green City Center Complete With Modern Castle3

Nordic Town Get Green City Center Complete With Modern Castle1

One of the things that are worth mentioning about the design for the city make over is the environmental friendly system incorporated into the city. In which, the city will be powered mainly with the natural source of energy surrounding the city, such as wind and sunlight with the use of wind turbines, pump capturing the ground heat, kinetic plate and solar panels to generate the energy needed to run the city.

In fact, the makeover is also meant to transform the city into a renewed cultural institution of Denmark for the area surrounding the castle of Augustenborg. The neat part of the design is that the city will be providing an intimate interaction between people and the environment.

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