Gorgeous waterfront property in Vancouver is the perfect family retreat

What could be more beautiful than spending the summer by the ocean, admiring the views and enjoying life? Well, having a stunning waterfront property would definitely help. Just take a look at this one and you’ll understand why it’s so special. Located in West Vancouver, this gorgeous house is spectacular. It offers beautiful views and has a stunning design.

The house is exquisite in every manner. It features top class amenities and a splendid interior. It looks almost like a castle and that says a lot. The ravishing interior is beautifully designed and the overall ambiance is very pleasant. The most lovely area is, in our opinion, the family room. The stone fireplace gives it a very nice feel and allows the atmosphere to become warm and cozy. It’s the perfect place to spend the afternoons with the family and even as a single couple.

The property also has a beautiful veranda which opens onto a BBQ area, perfect for outdoor get-togethers with family and friends. The poolside area is also very lovely, with gorgeous views of the water. In fact, the whole property is the perfect retreat and a great place to enjoy the ocean breeze.

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