Gorgeous Views Of Lake Minnetonka From A Charismatic Residence

Situated just 100 feet(30 meters) away from Lake Minnetonka, in Minnesota, this residence by Eskuche Design impresses with its abundance of smart design features and clean, modern look. When seen from a distance, the building looks quite sensational, although simple in nature.

The elevated roof overhangs that protect the terrace spaces mimics and mirrors the shape of the roof, offering an unexpected type of symmetry. The combination of wood and stone already sets a very cozy and welcoming ambiance which is continued indoors as well.

The entrance doesn’t offer much of a clue regarding the style and interior design. But it does tells us the residence is chic, modern, very inviting and with a bit of sophisticated charm.

Inside, the residence features an open floor plan. The kitchen, the dining space and the living area share the same zone and they’re also all connected to the outdoors through floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. The living area is organized in front of a stone wall fireplace. A wooden mantel shelf seamlessly blends in and the artwork displayed on it looks like it naturally belongs there.

The kitchen features dark wooden furniture throughout that also matches the window frames. The placement of the windows is really interesting, just under the ceiling. The kitchen island has a live-edge countertop extension that complements the flooring. It serves as a bar.

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Although the actual kitchen is somewhat compact, it doesn’t feel cramped or small. That’s because everything fits in so well and the high ceiling creates a feeling of space. The color palette also plays an important role in determining the overall look. This delicious brown has a relaxing effect on the décor, allowing it to feel warm and welcoming.

The dining table is placed behind the living room sofa. The upholstered chairs surrounding it have a classy brown trim and match the furniture and colors used in the living area. From the living and dining areas you can see the wine cellar. It has a glass wall and becomes a part of the open floor plan although technically it’s a separate room.

The great room opens onto the outdoor terrace on one side through glass pocket doors and onto a transitional hallway on the other side. There are no walls separating it from the rest of the house. From here you can also see the home office.

The office is encased on glass walls and has the appearance of a cube-like structure that extends beyond where it normally should. It’s a small space with large windows on two sides and a beige area rug that allows it to have a clean and symmetrical décor.

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The residence also has three bedrooms. One is a guest room and has two single beds and windows that wrap around the corner. The window frame is in a way reiterated in the décor through a wall painting that features a similar type of frame.

Another slightly larger bedroom featured panoramic views of the lake through a set of large windows, also extending around the corner. The furniture in this room is chic and modern with a bit of avant-garde flair.

Symmetry defines the third bedroom, where matching nightstands and table lamps are placed on either side of the bed and two abstract paintings dominate the wall behind it. The lighting is soft and ambiental.

The bathrooms are not any less stylish. A wooden countertop supports a small washbasin. A one-piece toilet fits perfectly underneath and a mirror that goes all the way up to the ceiling adds dimension to the room.

The freestanding tub features a gorgeous design and is placed in the corner, facing the large windows and gorgeous views of the nearby lake.



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