Gorgeous “Sanctuary” of the Danish Riviera

Usually the beautiful and spacious houses are excellent places for a large family. The same thing wanted for his family Dr. Claus Moeller. He intended to move in a gorgeous house located in a former fishing village, in an area unofficially called the Danish Riviera, at 20 miles north Copenhagen. It is a building which occupies a surface of 5,404 square foot, with double copper roofs and which can offer you wonderful views of the Oresund strait and the Swedish isle of Hven. Unfortunately by the time has intended to move here he divorced.

Now he enjoys this peaceful “sanctuary” of 64 million Danish krone ($10 million) together with his son and her daughter from his first marriage.

This wonderful building is a two stories and seven bedrooms house. The first floor houses a bedroom, a guest bedroom, an office studio, a kitchen and a living and dining area. The fireplace and the abstract paintings are some of the attractions of this floor.

The second floor is the place where you can find more bedrooms, a great relaxing living room which offers incredible views of the sea.

An attractive side of this house is the basement although you may think of it as a quiet place. Here the energy and entertainment can be consumed in a home theater, a wine cellar, a fitness center and an 82 foot lap pool.{found on nytimes}

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