Gorgeous residence by Morphinogenesis Architects anyone could fall in love with

Contemporary houses might not have a rich history full of great adventures but they impress in other ways. Take this gorgeous residence for example. It was designed by Morphinogenesis Architects and it’s absolutely stunning. It has a simple and straight-forward design, with large volumes and huge windows and glass walls.

The interior is very charming, featuring an earthy color palette, elegant materials and wonderful features including lush vegetation. Actually, the house communicates with the outdoors and the surroundings very naturally thanks to the carefully planned layout and design. All the natural wood creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere while the green accents energize the spaces.

The N85 residence features an integrated garden on the ground floor, with palm trees, ferns and beautiful vegetation. In combination with the hardwood floors and beautiful colors, the balance is just perfect. It’s easy to fall in love with such a house, especially once you add up all the great features and exquisite accent details. This is contemporary design at its best. It’s sophisticated without being opulent and elegant but also modern and luxurious.


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