Gorgeous Memorial Park in Seoul

Haeahn Architecture studio has created a sanctuary for solemn rituals concluding life’s journey. Seoul Memorial Park is a crematorium located in a valley area of the Woo-Myun Mountain on the outskirts of Seoul, South Korea. This gorgeous building folds up from the landscape and curls around a peaceful courtyard and a pool of water.

This stunning Park was sought to be a “non-erected” building and a form of art due to the response of the community. The path to it rooted in the site, gradually growing and peeling out of the ground in order to not disrupt the serenity of the topography. Furthermore gardens and ponds run alongside the two-storey building, while grass and plants cover the entire roof.

Families take the final journey of parting beneath a sheltered canopy before following a precession through the building that trails around the courtyard and ends at one of the gardens. What’s more light was a very important aspect of the project, so the architects used skylights to bring natural light into the building from above.

Seoul Memorial Park is a piece of art that makes sorrow more tolerable. It is an outstanding building with a beautiful architecture where tranquility is discovered and the spirit is renewed.

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