Gorgeous house with sustainable design and a beautiful natural pond

Although many choose to ignore this, It’s important to be sensitive to the problems presented by our environment and to try to protect our planet for the future generations. Don’t try to justify bad choices by saying sustainable houses don’t offer the same comfort or that they can’t look gorgeous because there are many examples which can prove you wrong. The Atherton Residence is one of them.

Located just outside San Francisco, this gorgeous residence was designed by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects. It’s a stunning house with sustainable features and a dreamy design. The green features include solar power, eco-friendly materials as well as passive heating and cooling. The location is also amazing. Away from the city, the pollution and all the craziness, the house sits beautifully in this quiet and peaceful environment. There’s a wonderful harmony here created by a variety of factors including the choice of materials, the finishes, the colors, the beauty of the landscape and other characteristics of this project.

There are actually four buildings here built around a marvelous natural pond. Everything here is natural, eco-friendly and sustainable and no compromises were made on comfort. The house has no air conditioning but there’s no need for it as natural ventilation solves the problem. Also, the heated floors keep the house warm in winter.

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