Gorgeous Getaway by the Beach in Thailand-Casa de La Flora

Vacations are very important, every little now and then we need to get away from our daily routine. We would like to show you a great place to go on holiday and this is Casa de La Flora Resort in Khao Lak, Thailand. Designed by VaSLab Architecture this resort is a chic place, near the beach, where you will surely have a great time.

Surrounded by Khaolak’s breathtaking beach, Casa de La Flora provides the perfect getaway from the hustle of the city. This unique hotel features 36 cube-shaped villas, all designed to house coziness, functionality and flair. Each and every one of them features gorgeous ocean views. Furthermore the resort also provides cool facilities, such as a reception lounge, swimming pool, pool bar, beachfront restaurant, spa, fitness and library.

The challenge of this project consisted of creating a bold architecture that has warmness and feels close to nature, as implied in the name. The architects have approached this subject with a metaphorical design, each concrete versus wood villa reflects as a flora form, coming from the ground and blossoms in daylight. Moreover, the interior design is very modern, with custom-made furniture, interesting lighting and stunning finishing touches. Ten units stand directly to the beach, with maximum sea views, and all come with private pools, 24-hour butler service and the latest in-room entertainment.

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Casa de La Flora is a soothing retreat that blends privacy, peace, nature, comfort, beauty together with style.



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