Glass Mountain House by CplusC Architecture

This is a simple, glass house that combines a touch of woodwork with frames of corrosive free steel and was designed integral by CplusC Architecture. The entire wall area is covered in crystal glass that comfortably runs from the ground floor up to the first floor. The weekender boasts of having the longest lasting corrosive protection for a system used in housing.

The hardwood used is from the Australian forests, and the covering of the roofing on the first floor is a softened kind of corrugated iron sheet, that is painted with a swift light gray color that gently compliments the forest cover that surrounds the building.

The seemingly endless work of glass makes it possible for anyone to view the outside from the inside and vice versa. Actually, one can literally view the other side of the forest through the house. The extensive use of glass in this house gives it a niche above others.

New and recycled Australian hardwoods were used to frame the steel structure. Soft-toned gray steel used for the dramatically angled roof blends with the muted tones of the surrounding bush. Glass was used extensively throughout the home, with dramatic effect. The structure seems to almost hover over the site and indoor and outdoor spaces merge seamlessly.{ via thecoolist }

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